About Us

Our Practice

North Ryde Medical Centre is a GP-owned traditional general practice and health clinic, bringing together independent Specialist General Practitioners and Allied Health Practitioners to serve the community’s health needs. The doctors, nurses and practice team strive to treat every person in an ethical, non-judgemental, and inclusive manner.

The doctors at North Ryde Medical Centre honour the origins and long-standing traditions of General Practice medicine, providing person-centred, continuing, comprehensive, and empathic care in all aspects of one’s health. Providing care from the newborn to the elderly, serving all facets of the community, and looking at the person as a whole are at the heart of that profession which we so proudly call General Practice.

With all the doctors being either Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, (who are recognised by the Medical Board of Australia as Specialist General Practitioners), or Registrars (who are fully-qualified doctors undergoing rigorous GP speciality training and supervision), the Allied Health Practitioners being fully registered with their respective regulatory boards, and the Practice being fully-Accredited by Quality Practice Accreditation, you can trust that you are being treated to the highest standard.

Whilst maintaining professionalism, the practitioners’ down-to-earth, patient-centred approach means they all value good communication and rapport with their patients, and value the privilege of getting to know how your health fits into your life story.

Our Specialist GPs and Allied health practitioners are all independent practitioners and not employees, and therefore are able to treat you with full professional autonomy, without the need to answer to any other stakeholders. All decisions are in the patient’s best interests.

Navigating the health system and deciding what treatment is best for you and your family can be complex and confusing, and so at North Ryde Medical Centre your GP can help you co-ordinate your care so that the practice can become your “medical home”.

No matter who you are, no matter what stage of disease, and no matter what stage of life, we believe all people have a right to health and wellbeing, whether it be physical, mental, emotional and/or social.

So who is your GP?

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”
– Thomas Carlyle –