COVID-19 Vaccination

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COVID-19 Vaccination

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Our clinic is administering COVID-19 Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines.

*** UPDATE 28/10/2021: COVID-19 Vaccination BOOSTER doses are now available for all patients who had their 2nd dose at least 6 months prior.

(A) PFIZER VACCINE (“Comirnaty”)

All patients aged 12 yrs and above are now eligible to book Pfizer vaccine appointments (if you have a valid Medicare card).

Bookings are available ONLINE.

*** BOOSTER doses have now been approved for all adults aged 18years and over, to be administered at least 6 months after the 2nd dose. Pfizer vaccine is the recommended vaccine for all adults (including those who had AstraZeneca for the 1st and 2nd doses), unless it is medically contraindicated.

3rd doses for severely immunocompromised patients are recommended to be given 2-6 months after 2nd dose. Please call Reception to make an appointment with a Doctor to discuss your eligibility and timing of 3rd dose vaccination.

Information on the Pfizer vaccine is available by clicking here


If you are aged 18-59 years and would like the AstraZeneca vaccination, please make an appointment with a doctor first to discuss the risks vs benefits, who may then proceed to administer the vaccine after the discussion. This option can be selected online if you go into any of the doctor’s online booking profiles.

If you are aged 60 years or above, you can book directly into the nurse clinic.

Information on the AstraZeneca vaccine is available by clicking here


You must complete the vaccine CONSENT FORM prior to your first vaccination. This can be done during the online booking process, or complete the form online by clicking here after you have made your booking)

Please note, we are only able to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for patients with a valid Medicare card.

If you do NOT have a valid Medicare card, you must attend a Government Vaccination Centre.

COVID-19 vaccinations should be separated from other vaccinations (incl. Flu vax) by at least 7 days.


Please see the following Government resources for more information about the vaccine:

If you still have further questions about the vaccine, please talk to your usual doctor prior to booking in for the vaccination clinic. Once you are ready to proceed, you are welcome to make an appointment.

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