COVID-19 Vaccination

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COVID-19 Vaccination

Updated 09/06/2022

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(A) PFIZER VACCINE (“Comirnaty”) – Adult/Adolescent

** Pfizer (Adult/Adolescent) 1st and 2nd doses are available for all people aged 12 years and above.

** Pfizer BOOSTER doses are available from 3 months after the primary course for:

  • all adults aged 16yrs and over, 
  • adolescents 12-15 yrs old with increased risk of severe COVID-19 infection (incl. severely immunocompromised, disability with complex health needs, or those with complex and/or multiple health conditions that increase the risk of severe COVID-19)

** Pfizer WINTER DOSE (2nd booster) is available for the following people, from 4 months after the last booster dose:

  • Adults aged 65 years and older
  • People aged 16-64 years with a medical condition that increases the risk of severe COVID-19 illness , including:
    • Immunocompromising conditions
    • Cancer
    • Chronic inflammatory conditions requiring treatment with DMARDs or immunosuppressive treatment (eg. SLE, RA, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis etc.)
    • Chronic lung disease (eg. COPD, severe asthma, cystic fibrosis)
    • Chronic liver disease
    • Severe chronic kidney disease (stage 4 or 5)
    • Chronic neurological disease (eg. Stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, MND, MS, epilepsy)
    • Diabetes mellitus requiring medication
    • Chronic cardiac disease (eg. ischaemic heart disease, valvular heart disease, poorly controlled hypertension disease, congestive cardiac failure)
    • Disability with complex health needs (eg. Down syndrome)
    • Severe obesity, BMI >40 kg/m2
    • Severe underweight, BMI <16.5 kg/m2
  • Residents of aged care or disability care facilities
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and older

Pfizer vaccine is the recommended Booster vaccine for all adults (including  those who had AstraZeneca for the 1st and 2nd doses), unless it is medically contraindicated.

Bookings are available ONLINE (you must have a valid Medicare card).

* Severely immunocompromised patients are recommended to receive a 3rd dose (of the primary course) 2-3 months after the 2nd dose, then a Booster (4th dose) 3 months after the 3rd dose. Please call Reception to make an appointment with a Doctor to discuss your eligibility and timing of 3rd/4th dose vaccination.

Information on the Pfizer (adult/adolescent) vaccine is available by clicking here


(B) PAEDIATRIC PFIZER (5-11 years age)

** PAEDIATRIC PFIZER (1st and 2nd doses) vaccination is available for children 5-11 years age. 

The Paediatric dose (10 mcg) is one-third of the adult/adolescent dose (30 mcg), and currently recommended to be given with an 8 week interval between dose 1 and 2 (to minimise side effects).

Bookings are available ONLINE (you must have a valid Medicare card).

Children who turn 12 yrs age after Paediatric dose 1 but before dose 2 will receive the  Adolescent/Adult dose for dose 2. Please book the 2nd dose online as the Pfizer 12yrs+ vaccine.

Information on the PAEDIATRIC Pfizer (5-11yrs) vaccine is available by clicking here


(C) NOVAVAX VACCINE (“Nuvaxovid”)

** Novavax vaccine is available for adults aged 18 years and older, for 1st and 2nd doses, to be administered at least 3 weeks apart.

If you would like to discuss the use of Novavax as a booster (for adults aged 18 yrs or older, if no other vaccination is considered suitable), please make an appointment with a GP first.

Information on the Novavax vaccine is available by clicking here



We are no longer administering the AstraZeneca vaccine.

If you would like the AstraZeneca vaccine, please make an appointment at a Government Vaccination Centre.

Information on the AstraZeneca vaccine is available by clicking here



You must complete the vaccine CONSENT FORM prior to your first vaccination. This can be done during the online booking process, or complete the form online by clicking here after you have made your booking)

Please note, we are only able to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for patients with a valid Medicare card.

If you do NOT have a valid Medicare card, you must attend a Government Vaccination Centre.

COVID-19 vaccinations can be co-administered with other vaccinations (incl. Flu vax).

 ATAGI recommends waiting for 3 months after COVID-19 infection before receiving any dose of COVID-19 vaccination in most situations. 


Please see the following Government resources for more information about the vaccine:

If you still have further questions about the vaccine, please talk to your usual doctor prior to booking in for the vaccination clinic. Once you are ready to proceed, you are welcome to make an appointment.

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