Patient Survey Report

CFEP survey

Thank you to all our patients for participating in the patient experience survey in December 2016.

We have had very positive results and comments, and strive to provide best service and care possible.

In response to the areas that most need improvement, we have updated information on our website to include details on obtaining home visits, after hours services, and our communication policy.

We are constantly working on ways to maintain running on time for patients, while still providing patients with the quality time and care they require, and also accommodating to urgently unwell patients who may need to be fitted in between booked appointments. Patients’ assistance in arriving on time for an appointment is much appreciated, which also helps avoid the following patients’ appointments being delayed. We also request new patients to arrive 10 minutes prior to their appointment to allow time for registration.

Our reminder system is up and running and working hard behind-the-scenes. Our practice nurse Luti frequently liaises with our doctors to maintain recalls and reminders for patients with important issues requiring follow-up.

Thank you once again to those patients who attended in December and completed a survey form!